Jonathan Shockley has had a love for all things music since he was a kid, watching his dad sing southern gospel. He grew up singing, but didn't start playing instruments until around the age of 18. Song writing was never really a thing until life happened and drove him to a place where he needed to tell his story. His songs tell the tale of how we're all broken, and hiding it solves nothing. It was through his honesty that he found freedom, truth, love, and laughter. He says, "If we can't be honest, then what can we be?"

Jonathan is a lover of sports (go vols), cooking, and good stories. He swears that one day the LA Lakers will be great again, and every fall feels like '98 in Tennessee. He's also a worship leader at a local church and is really involved in YoungLife. 

Jonathan was born and raised in East Tennessee, and that is where he still calls home.